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Are looking for affordable healthcare options? Do not wait until the problem becomes worse. We provide integrated Health Services to ensure we manage all your conditions.


Here for you, regardless of your ability to pay.

If you’re wondering where you can find a primary care doctor without spending more than you can afford, you’ve come to the right place. Space Coast Health Centers has family medicine doctors and advanced practice registered nurses who provide the care you need, regardless of your ability to pay. When you make us your medical home, we manage all your conditions and coordinate all your care needs. That lets you focus on the rest of your busy life.

Reasons to visit a Primary Care Provider.

Primary care is provided by family doctors and nurses who are specially trained and skilled in comprehensive first-line health and continuing care. These providers help patients with undiagnosed symptoms or health concerns, including behavioral this a hyperlink? Our goal is to promote good health, prevent chronic disease, provide health counseling, help you to quit smoking, and provide the education you need to manage acute and chronic illnesses. We fully integrate our primary care, behavioral care, and women’s services so we can meet all your needs.

We can help. We have providers who offer specialty services in family medicine, internal medicine, behavioral health, and women’s health services. Is this a hyperlink? Should you need a specialist, our primary care doctors will collaborate with other health professionals and refer you for appropriate care. The purpose of seeing a primary care doctor is to receive preventive and proactive care, diagnose and manage chronic conditions, and coordinate all of your health care services. We do this in a cost-effective manner by focusing on you and your needs.

Johanna Pillado MSN, APRN

Dr. Soucier M.D.

Dr. Besner M.D.

Telemedicine Services

We can provide Behavioral Health and Primary Care through telemedicine. With telemedicine, you don’t have to leave home, take time off of work or school, or arrange for childcare in order to be seen by one of our providers. Contact us to determine if this is an appropriate option for your on-going care.

Do you need primary care services in North Brevard County? Call us at 321-268-6836 or 321-877-2700 to make an appointment

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services offered to ALL, regardless of ability to pay.

We often hear two questions: “How can I get help with my emotional wellness if I don’t have insurance?” Even if I have coverage, how do I find the right provider and afford my copays? Don’t think that you have to “live with “anxiety, depression, or other behavioral health concerns. You have options, even if you don’t have insurance and think you can’t afford care. Space Coast Health Centers provides affordable therapy options for everyone. We offer programs and services to make behavioral services accessible (even free), by providing a sliding fee scale for behavioral health services.

Why should I set an appointment with Space Coast Health Centers?

Our Clinical Psychologist and Primary Care Providers have multiple years of experience and can help you today. We focus on your emotional wellness. We provide Behavioral care including therapy, counseling, and substance abuse treatment. If you need additional services, we will work with you and other providers to ensure you receive the care you need.

I don’t feel well, but I don’t think I need Behavioral Health Care. What should I do?

Everyone has times when they don’t feel well or just don’t feel right but if you regularly feel off, depressed or have anxiety, you need to come in and talk to us. We can work with you to determine the level of services you need. You may just need to share your concerns and take a long walk or you may need care.

Dr. Wieseler PSY. D.

Don’t lose hope. Behavioral health services are affordable at Space Coast Health Centers. Please contact us today to receive care for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or other concerns that affect your wellbeing. Call 321-268-6836 or 321-877-2700 to speak to a member of our staff.


Accessible Women’s Healthcare & Treatment

It can be difficult to find a women’s health center with affordable payment options. We believe every woman deserves access to all the medical services she needs, regardless of ability to pay. Our sliding fee schedule makes the care you need affordable.

Why choose Space Coast Health Centers?

Our comprehensive women’s health services at Space Coast Health Centers are provided by experts. You have access to highly respected and skilled providers who focus on you and your needs. We are here to diagnose, treat and manage your sexual and reproductive health services in a caring and confidential environment. We offer the full range of women’s health services, regardless of your ability to pay.

What OB/GYN services does Space Coast Centers provide?

We want you to stay healthy and receive the reproductive care and family planning services you need. Reproductive health needs, like most things in life, changes overtime. Space Coast Health Centers’ Providers are there with you every step of the way from puberty, to child birth, to menopause and beyond. We can help you through each step of the process and make sure you receive the care you need when you need it. Just like our Primary Care services, we focus on screening and preventive care to identify problems and provide treatment options. If you have a need for other services, we will work with you to find the right providers and obtain the care you need.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • General Health Care
  • Preventive Care and Screening Exams
  • Family Planning / Contraception
  • Pelvic Exams and Cancer Screening
  • Pregnancy-related Services and Prenatal Care
  • Reproductive Health and Menopause

Dr. Hate M.D.

There’s no reason to wait for OB/GYN services in North Brevard County Even if you think you can’t afford it, you can get high-quality services at affordable rates at Space Coast Health Centers. Simply call 321-268-6836 or 321-877-2700 to arrange an appointment.

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